Fastest Macro for Lineage 2

Works with any keyboard even when the game is minimized, so you can work while you play!

The most powerful macro tool for Lineage 2.

On most Lineage 2 servers Macros are legal if you are not using them as an advantage against other players​, and it doesn’t effect other players gaming experience.

Who needs Bots when you can use Macro’s legally !

It runs in background!

Effortless configuration

Advanced Macros with repeating blocks

Macro unlimited game windows

Try Xcelcor Macro for free with limited capabilities and features.


  1. Does Xcelcor Macro send any data to the Lineage server ? No data is send or received from the server. Xcelcor Macro does not communicate with Lineage 2 servers nor read or manipulate packets.
  2. Does Xcelcor Macro read any information from Lineage 2 client? Xcelcor Macro is a keyboard simulator, so there is no need to read any information from the client. If you are worried about loging into the game while Xcelcor Macro is running, you can start the software when the game is already started.
  3. Will the macros run when the game is minimized? YES!  Xcelcor Macro was created out of need. Standard keyboard and mouse macros require the game to be on top of your screen. With Xcelcor Macro you can work or play other games while macros are still running in the Lineage 2 windows.
  4. Is it legal to use macros in Lineage 2? Depends on the server you play on. NCSOFT officially stated that  macros are legal if you are not using them as an advantage against other players, and it doesn’t effect other players gaming experience.
  5. Can I get banned for using Xcelcor Macro? You can always get banned, even for no reason. Before using any macro software, check your server rules and contact GMs just to be sure. 
  6. Does Xcelcor Macro work on the Official NA Server (Live, Classic and Aden) ?  Unfortunately NO!  GameGuard blocks programs and tools that can affect game play. 


Version 1.5 (build – October 31, 2021)  (Latest release)

– Bug fixes & performance improvements


Version 1.4 (build – July 26, 2021)

version scrapped

Version 1.3 (build – July 2, 2021)
– AutoInvite Macro
– New advanced macros
– Bug fixes & performance improvements

Version 1.2 (build – June 6, 2021)
– Added login screen/key verification for the release version
– Added Repeat Block for macros
– Fixed an Exception error when starting a macro

Version 1.1 (build – May 25, 2021)
– Added version check
– Added checkbox to enable/disable TopMost for the Clicker – Window